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9/11/17 – John Kistler, Guest: Gary Duncan Episode 1

John Kistler, has guest Gary Duncan in studio for first episode of Politically Incorrect on

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2 Responses to 9/11/17 – John Kistler, Guest: Gary Duncan Episode 1

  • alice smith says:

    I hate when the debates start because all they do is talk about one other instead working together to make our country better,they don’t do that. And that makes me very angery that I don’t listen to them. Let the Governors andSenators dish out money from there own pockets and give it too the middle class people who are struggling to stay alive ,its not fair that the poor class people have to work so hard too get by ends meet and it goes same why for middle class to.We need a President for our country and get rid ot the other one that is in office right now.They make me sick.I fear for my children and grandchildren,whats it going to look like for them in the future.

  • alice smith says:

    I think that all Politically candidateds and Senators Governor should sit down together and figure out What to do about our country because it is in a big mess right now.Dont let trump pass any new issues with our country because he is making things worse for our Counrty and it is not right.I hope that the people get there raises in Social Security in there checks in the month of JANUARY like we are suppose too, and that it is a large percentage.

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